We are a full service keyholding company in and around the Altea area

Altera Domi

TLFO : 697 429 123 or 621 246 251

Mail:   margot.gilis@alteradomi.com



We can offer a wide rang of services like :

  • Keyholding.
  • Control and care in your absence.
  • Meet and greet with tenants.
  • Key and inventory handover.
  • Final clean up after rental or your departure.
  • Linen packages for tenants or yourself.
  • Grocery service before your arrival or during your stay.
  • Ironing service.
  • Small repairs and maintenance.
  • Take care of your garden and pool.
  • Tailor- made services.
  • Services for communities.

Look below to find out more about our services and prices.

Why we are different

We can offer simpel services. You do not have to stay on a yearly contract. If you chose to work with us or leave us, this can be done on the same day. We are very flexible and can offer personnalized and tailer made services.

Our must recent services

Recently we invested in a Osmose water cleaning system. By this mean we can clean your windows from the ground up to 10 meters with a telescopic system.

Contact details

(+34) 697 429 123

Margot Gilis

Altera Domi

Michel Wielfaert

Altera Domi

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