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Real estate, Immo explorer.

Do you wish to sell your property or do you wish to buy a property on the sunny Costa Blanca ?

You can always come to our office. We can offer your property through advertisements in local magazines and on the internet as well as a publication in our office. No exclusivity with us. In case of a sale, everything will be handled by a lawyer, who will take care of the necessary paperwork. (Included in the commission).

If you want to buy a house, we can search for you. You tell us what kind of properties you are searching for so we can select the correct ones. This can prevent useless travel by visiting the incorrect properties. We first visit them for you and then group the visits on 1 day. With us, this is called Immo explorer.



Sale of real estate : 4% of the selling price, lawyer’s fees and paperwork included.
Notary not included.

Immo Explorer : 700 Euros for the purchase of a property proposed by us.

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