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Assistance with rental through Airbnb


Are you renting through Airbnb or not yet?

We can assist you in creating an account. Airbnb is the easiest way to offer your second stay on the rental market. You can set the prices yourself and the periods you are there you can change the booking calendar and block this period. Managing it, is more time consuming. Any questions or reservations must be answered within a certain period of time, otherwise there will be penalties or bad comments, etc. We can offer the co-host. In other words, everything remains the same for you, but we answer any questions or reservations. Nothing changes for you, the payments are made directly to you and you can also view the requests and reservations. All this makes it less time consuming for you.


Create account in 4 languages and add photos. 50 Euros

Co-host of the account : 20 Euros per confirmed reservation.


× Whatsapp contact and chat directly.